Young cricketer Pawan Shah (282), even if the record was lost by 18 runs by 18 runs, but he became the first Indian to score the most individual score in under-19 youth test matches. With his record double century, the under-19 Indian team declared their first innings finish of 613 runs at eight wickets.
Shah’s 18-year-old Pune scored six consecutive fours in an over. Shah broke the record of Tanmay Srivastava, who scored 220 runs in 2006 against Pakistan in Peshawar. Shah, who spent seven hours on the crease, faced 382 balls in his innings, scoring 33 fours and a six.
Second highest score in Youth Test matches
Shah’s score is the second highest score after the unbeaten 304 runs of Australia’s Clinton Peak in Youth Test matches. Peak had played this innings in Melbourne against India in 1995.
06 In the 108th over, left-arm fast bowler Vichitra Perera hit six consecutive boundaries in the next over. In the first innings in international cricket, six rounds in one over in 1982 Sandeep Patil had put England’s fast bowler on Bow Wiseman. Willis also did a no ball in that over.
The pair added 160 runs for the addition of the
Indian team, ahead of 428 runs in four wickets in the morning, declaring their first innings finish of 613 runs at eight wickets. Shah, who added 263 runs for the second wicket with Atharay Jayawardene (177) on Tuesday, added a 160-run partnership for the fifth wicket with Nehal Bukhera (64) on Wednesday.
Mohit shocked Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s debut was poor and they scored 140 runs in four innings in their first innings until the end of the second day’s play. He is just behind 473 runs from the Indian team. Left arm pacer Mohit Jangra (3/43) hit Sri Lanka’s top order and scored 34 runs for three wickets.
Afterwards, Suriyabandara (51 not out), took the responsibility and reached the score with 91 runs with Kamil Mishara (44). Left-arm spinner Siddharth Desai broke the partnership by bowling Mishra. At the stumps, Sonali Dinusha was playing with 24 runs on Suryabandara.

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