Australian cricketer Steve Smith did not play any match after the ban in March this  year, but he has come to the first place again in the World Cup in the Test rankings Steve Smith’s visit to South Africa is a ban on national and international cricket after being involved in hair tapping. Indian captain Veteran Kohli was first scored with 200 runs in the first Test against England, but he could only score 40 in the second test, which made a series of criticisms in his rankings. England’s first rankings in the ICC Test rankings are third, while Junior Bearsسٹ Sunday has played nine in the 93-run innings against India. The first position of England’s Jimmy Anderson ranked at the second position while South Africa’s second and second Indian observer, Jeddah is ranked second. The best performance in the England All-rounders’ Lines has been included in the list of All-rounders and has its seventh position. It is clear that ICC Test bowlers, batsmans and all-rounders have no Pakistani cricketers in the top test position. India’s first, South Africa is second and Australia in the third Test rankings, while Pakistan ranked seventh in this rankings. The players are ranked at zero to 1000 points in the ICC rankings. The player’s points reflect the average points given to him. Points increase if performance of the player is better and decreased if performances fall. Kohli left behind Steve Smith when he scored 200 runs. However, in the second test, Kohli scored 40 runs in both innings. Their performances became so much so that their points fell down.  On the other hand, Steve Smith did not break his performance since the ban in March, nor did his points remain so good and that’s why he is the first.




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