The series was not less than a scary dream for Zimbabwe. Sadly, this nightmare was already a wall of wall before its arrival. Throughout the context, this tour reached the completion of the tour, it’s a great success to complete the tour for Zimbabwe cricket.
Aspect of Navid for Pakistan is that before the recent series in the Limited One Day Cricket Schedule, it was empty from one-day win-win. New Zealand’s White Wash account was completed in the record after five-one-day victories and series White Wash.
After the Champions Trophy victory and the clean sweep against Sri Lanka, when Surfraz Allone reached New Zealand, expectations were very high, but after five matches the Pakistani dressing room was inauspiciously disappointed
But the last week of June when Pakistan’s team reached Zimbabwe, there was no need to expect expectations. The reason was clear, Zimbabwe also came with full force, so Pakistan would remain in front of bowling.
After losing around the medal of the Secondary Secondary Ball Tankan dispute, it was such a frustrating defeat that England was badly defeated. In the same place, the only place to sit with us, was the Pakistani dressing room.
PCB itself can understand this series as a part of World Cup preparations and this white wash can also sing the songs of the result, but the fact that the facts are realized, this white wash does not strengthen the story of the World Cup preparation.
Although apparently eleven Zimbabweans used to be present in the ground, but still the entire visit to Pakistan was a type of net practice. But there are many positive aspects for Pakistan in this Net Practice.
Fakhrat Zaman fastest recorded a one-day record of one-day runs. Imam ul Haq saw such an awesome form at the beginning of the career. For Babar Azam, it was a low back tour that proved to be very positive. Shadab Khan got more achievements, while Hassan Ali maintained his best form.

But the excitement of this tour is the awakening of Usman Shinwari, which once again refers to the assumption that there has been a decline in Pakistan’s fast bowling reserves. The presence of Usman Shivwari gives further boost to this Bowling Attack.
Mohammad Aamir swings a match from one and to another, Usman Shinwari from the second and forty lift the ball with the flame ball. The toughest art in the bowling bowl is to stop the runs and make the chances of putting Phil Lennoth into the ball. What do you ever do? Michelle Stark is a specialist at all times. Usman Shinwari said that there are nine Ayods but this ability is available in them.
If any victory for a team or player is not connected to it. Instead of submitting the context itself itself, the win will be called as if it is against the same team. Pakistani players have played this series purely by virtue of their ability. Whatever Zimbabwe’s problems will be significant in the martial arts, but Pakistan has achieved this by playing standard cricket.
Because at the time this series was fixed, then neither was Sarfraz captain nor was a part of Hassan Ali team, nor did Shairab Khan and Khareb Zaman’s career begin. Whenever you have to play, this PCB has already been fixed.
So happy this sweet sweep to Pakistan. To check the preparations for the World Cup, we will have to wait two more than three months to answer it. As far as Zimbabwe is concerned, this series was not a matter of mausoleum.

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