We take your privacy seriously. Therefore, we have written this document to demonstrate our commitment to care for the personal information you may provide to us when you visit any of our sites.



The use of the CRICKET NEWS GROUP sites, registered through the domains either can be searched by clicking here and its available services is subject to the clauses that follow, and obliges all users to their full compliance and acceptance, and their disrespect can result in legal and extrajudicial consequences, so please read them carefully before using our services, because by registering on our sites or simply accessing our platforms at your disposal, you declare that you are fully aware of the terms of these usage policies and accepts them all without any restriction, and cannot in the future say that he did not know them;



Our services may be used with or without the registration of users, by persons over 18 years or by those responsible, subject to the limitations that each site has in relation to its content and its purpose. If you do not register, you may suffer some limitations to the full enjoyment of services, without this being considered as unequal treatment. The register will serve as a way to ensure the safety of users, as we need to identify you because of the anonymity fence, and to prevent abuse when you can comment some news in our database and so that you are not offended or, if offended, we may identify that person;

If you choose to register, the user must inform the requested data. If you do not agree with any of the information to be provided, you should not proceed. Such data will be used to ensure the safety of all users and the platform and will remain stored with us for as long as your registration is active and as long as you do not request to be excluded from our database. If you are an unregistered user, we will not collect any of the requested data at registration;

Whenever possible, we will take steps to ensure that the collection and processing of data is done anonymously, preventing the direct identification of our users and only their equipment or Internet connections, respecting the name and image privacy and other data that can be used for their identification;

If the user chooses to use his login from a certain social networking platform, he or she must authorize that our sites be linked to your account. Simple registration on the sites will not allow us access to any of your confidential information and will not use any information of your login and password to connect on your behalf and publish any content for you. However, this information may be passed on to our partners for the purpose of direct advertising, to be carried out on their social networks or by means of a message on their telephone numbers or registered e-mail (if applicable), taking into account their tastes and personal opinions on certain subjects. In addition, we will use cookies from third parties and from our partners so that we can analyze your personal tastes and deliver better quality ads. To access the complete list of all partners who use cookies and to learn more about each of them

If you are a registered user, at any time you can access your profile using your login and password and verify what data you entered, and you can make any updates, corrections or exclusions that you deem necessary, following all the steps provided in item “Deleting Data”. If you choose to delete your data, you will also delete your data and may have limitations in the use of our services;

The data to which we will have access are: type of browser, the type of equipment used and the operating system, connection provider, its IP – internet protocol, its approximate location, as well as the data related to its navigation, motor search preferences search, videos and music you like, interaction with ads on our site or me sites that use the same bookmarks that we use that will be collected and analyzed anonymously through the use of third party cookies and our partners. We may perform the analysis of this data together to improve our services and deliver only content that is relevant to you, us or our partners;

During the validity of cookies, in no case will we collect or process data that is inserted in forms filled in other sites, or information that is or will be entered by the user on your computer.



We will not collect and treat or store and therefore will not pass on any type of bank, economic or credit card data of any user, or mobile or fixed phone number. None of the CRICKET NEWS GROUP sites will ask you for this data in no time, so before you provide them, make sure you are actually browsing one of our sites, as we will not be liable for any damages you may suffer;

We will use cookies, tags, meta tags and other bookmarks from our partners to track users’ browsing and traffic within our sites, whether registered or not, and this data will help our team and our partners develop an environment with better advertising suggestions based on their navigation and their personal preferences and tastes, and this data may be eventually given to third parties in Brazil or abroad, and from now on the user agrees to this practice, including with the transfer of such data. Our partners guarantee that they will also comply with the provisions of the International Law regarding the protection of such data;

Access to our websites, with or without a user registration, will be preceded by the installation of cookies, tags, meta tags and other markers on the user’s equipment and browsers. Cookies, tags, meta tags and other bookmarks will remain active and will have validity that will vary according to the policy implemented by each of our partners. To check the validity of each, click here;

By using our sites or even registering on one of the platforms, you agree to allow this data to be used to be part of a database to be eventually assigned to third parties, in case you no longer want to be part of that database, you may cancel this option at any time by request directly formulated on our site, or by cleaning cookies, tags, meta tags and other markers of your browser’s cache;

You also agree to cookies, tags, meta tags and other bookmarks that are intended to track your browsing in an anonymous way so that we can understand your personal tastes and deliver only relevant ads and products that may be yours interest. In no case will the cookies be used to have your personal data appropriated, such as but not limited to your RG number, your CPF, fixed telephone number, physical address, passwords, usernames, bank details, e-mail addresses, and we will not have access to your e-mail messages, whether open or not, and we will not be able to publish on your behalf;

If the user chooses not to authorize the use of cookies, tags, meta tags and other markers, or if they navigate anonymously, their navigation cannot be traced and some features of our sites may not be fully enjoyed, since they depend on, always, the tracking of users to ensure the security of applications and users;

Our partners will be able to contact you directly to offer products or services, and from now you agree to receive this type of contact, and from that moment GROUP CRICKET NEWS will have no responsibility if the contact is made without our inter mediation;

If you are browsing our websites from one of the countries where the RGPD is applicable, you should be aware that we do not collect and use private data such as general registration number, identity, passport, mobile or fixed telephone number or any other data that can identify the user personally and directly;

We will not store the sites you’ve browsed or store your history or even pass on that history to third parties. The sites visited will be analyzed through the use of cookies, tags, meta tags and other installed markers or other types of markers that are used by the site or our partners, not being able to know the content accessed or read what was accessed.



The use of cookies, tags, meta tags and other bookmarks will serve so that we can deliver you better quality ads and more rights. The advertisements that are posted within the pages of the CRICKET NEWS GROUP sites, or due to access to one of the pages of our sites, are and will be provided by our partners and our advertisers, and our team does not participate in its development, creation or trading, and does not undertake to deliver any merchandise or services that may be acquired by its users, as this acquisition takes place outside the CRICKET NEWS GROUP environment, without its interference at any level, much less receiving commissions from any type;

All advertising will be provided by our partners and we will not have control over what will be served. Any type of inconvenience or problems related to defects or business defects should be solved directly with the supplier of the products or services eventually purchased;

While cookies, tags, meta tags and other bookmarks are valid or not deleted from the equipment, you may receive offers and communications from our partners, regardless of the sites on which they navigate, provided that such sites also use the same service tools. advertising that we use, and which may vary according to the services they implement, of which we have no control;

GROUP CRICKET NEWS or our partners will not contact you through SPAM messages. We will only send SMS type messages if you allow and if you have provided your phone number;



If you are interested, if you are a registered user, you can request the deletion of all your data from our database, by canceling your registration directly in our database. To do this, you must enter your login and password within your profile, select the option to delete profile and confirm the operation. With the exclusion of this data, your registration and all your data will be lost and cannot be recovered under any circumstances.

By virtue of Brazilian legislation, all traffic data relating to the user’s navigation within our sites will be maintained for a period of 3 years, as well as the minimum data that may identify you. These data will not be accessed by third parties of any kind, and will remain stored in an independent system not accessible to the external public, unless required by Brazilian Judicial Authority;

Whether or not you are a registered user, if you wish to close the tracking of cookies, tags, meta tags and other bookmarks before the expiration of their validity, you can, at any time, clean your browser cookies. If you re-enter one of the CRICKET NEWS Group sites, new cookies will be automatically installed on your computer, with new validity. The cleaning of cookies does not terminate the user’s registration before our sites, if you are a registered user;

You may also make anonymous browsing on our sites, but errors or limitations may occur in the services that you may access, as we have the obligation to identify our users to ensure the security of our applications and the users of our services;

Requests for exclusion of any data collected will be answered within 24 business hours of the request, except for the permanence of the data for up to 3 years, in a separate and confidential database.


We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your data remains secure and is not accessed by third parties of any kind, by adopting the techniques currently available on the market, but we also encourage you to keep your personal data safe and secure. beyond the reach of others;

If there is any type of leakage or unauthorized access to your data, CRICKET NEWS GROUP will immediately issue a notice to the competent Authority, informing such an episode and what leaked data, and will take all measures to minimize any kind of damage that this fact may cause, trying to identify the cause of the fact and taking the possible police, judicial and administrative measures;

Your data collected or collected may change if there are changes in Brazilian or international laws, or if we have to comply with judicial or administrative orders of Brazilian Official Bodies, or if we believe that we need to update these policies. In this case, we will issue a notice within our sites informing these changes;

The data may be assigned or opened in the event of a request by a Brazilian authority, without prior notice to the user. We may also store other data if we identify abusive use of our services or possible practice of crimes or criminal activities and disruption of our services or offenses to other users, which may be passed on later to the competent authorities;


Any lawsuit that GROUP CRICKET NEWS will suffer for violation of any of the rights and duties contained in these policies will subject the offender to be judicially prosecuted in Brazil to bear all the costs and costs of proceedings and extra procedures, attorney fees and all the costs inherent to the process